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With a professional exhibition rail running around our cafe, we want our customers to be able to appreciate a range of incredible art works while they enjoy their drinks. Over the coming months, we hope to house a series of revolving exhibitions to feast your eyes on and spark discussions.

OPENING EXHIBITION - Access All Areas By Karin Albinson


We are delighted that our opening exhibition will see the installation of a series of photographs from Karin Albinson, a Swedish born, adopted Mancunian. 


Karin has been photographing events in Manchester for over 30 years. Her magnetic personality has enabled her to get close to many of her subjects. Much of her work is of the Manchester music scene. All prints in this exhibition are available to purchase.


Art Club cafe is really excited to be a new space where local and emerging artists can exhibit their work to our patrons. 

If you are an artist and have an idea for an exhibition you would be excited about showing in our cafe, please contact us with more information at and include ‘Exhibition’ in the subject line of your email.

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