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Our specially tailored Corporate Events have three main objectives:


  • Reconnecting your staff teams in a relaxed and uniquely engaging social environment

  • Boosting staff well-being through fun activities and challenges

  • Inspiring creativity beyond the session and an outside the box approach to projects and tasks


Whether it’s flexible hours, working from home, or huge upheavals in your clients and demands, bringing your team together has never been more important or more challenging than it is in the wake of the pandemic and the dramatic shifts it caused to the world of work. 


Our established corporate workshops offer a creative and relaxing space for colleagues to bond in. We currently offer two session plans.


Session 1: Still life with plants & flowers. 


This workshop opens with a number of quick drawing warm-up exercises, using different papers and mediums, followed by a longer mono-printing session.

Session 2: Portraits. 


In this workshop, participants will sit opposite each other and draw one another. Quick drawing exercises in different media will be followed by a longer painted piece looking at artist, Chantal Joffe.


Both of these hour and a half sessions are fun-packed and aimed at all abilities. Costs per person (inc. all materials) are charged at £30 each.


No two businesses are the same and, in conversation with our seasoned facilitators, we are also able to tailor these classes in order to meet your organisation's specific needs and goals.


What people say about Art Club:

“During the sessions I am able to completely switch off and concentrate on the task in hand.”

“I’ve not drawn since school, this took me right back and has reignited my passion for art.”

“A wonderful way to focus your mind, relax and get yourself into a creative zone. The teaching was fantastic, can’t wait for the next one!”

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